LIVE W.E.L.L. with our 2016 Exhibitors

Our LIVE W.E.L.L. Party is such a fun part of the W.E.L.L. Summit weekend! It’s a time to relax, laugh, reunite with old friends & colleagues and make new friends! We enjoy light bites, organic cocktails, and most importantly fun conversation & networking with new friends.

A big part of this community are our partners who not only make The W.E.L.L. Summit possible, but share our mission and commitment to living a well rounded healthy life! As consumers we make numerous decisions on a daily and weekly basis. Decisions that affect our health, our environment & our well being. The W.E.L.L. Summit prides itself on curating a variety of leading & trusted wellness companies.

Meet them below and in person at our LIVE W.E.L.L. Party on Friday, October 21st!

True Moringa is clean beauty powered by moringa oil. True Moringa’s deeply hydrating and anti-aging facial serums, soaps, and body butters are as good for your skin as they are for the world. They are changing the way conscious consumers connect with the people who cultivate their natural ingredients. They work directly with 1600 small farming families in Ghana and have planted 250,000 trees to prevent malnutrition and deforestation.

Stop by their table to learn about their new spa collection, meet the founder, and receive a free gift with purchase.

Simply Chickie Clothing ( creates 100% GOTS certified organic cotton clothing for babies, toddlers, and women designed to spread the mission of CLEAN WEAR across our globe. Made in the USA.

Stop by their table to learn about the difference between regular vs. organic cotton and you should care. There will also be a discount just for The W.E.L.L. Summit attendess!

Thorn & Bloom is an artisanal perfumery handcrafting botanical fragrances using the finest natural aromatics. As proud members of the exclusive Natural Perfumers Guild, Thorn & Bloom is dedicated to the authenticity and

ethical integrity of our award-winning perfume. Their ingredients are always 100% natural and their blends are over 90% USDA certified organic. Thorn & Bloom’s founder and perfumer, Jennifer Botto, draws her olfactory inspiration from the natural world, an appreciation she cultivated while growing up on a farm in upstate NY.

Stop by the Thorn & Bloom table to experience the launch of 4 new Eau de Parfums, and meet the founder, Jennifer Botto.

The Optimist Co. creates natural cleaning products with ingredients you can easily identify as safe. They are setting a new bar for cleaning product safety through full transparency of their ingredients and recipes. Stop by their both to find out what ingredients you should be cleaning with and even how to handcraft your own natural cleaning products at home. All attendees will receive 15% off and a free gift with purchase to make your cleaning more simple, safe and happy.

Shopping Ethically With Ethica

(This blog originally appeared on Prim and Propah, by Amanda Light and was republished with her permission.)

You’ll be hearing me talk more about the W.E.L.L. Summit in more detail this year but I still have to tell you about some of the things that I have been learning about more in the past few months. The WS was one of those unique situations where you don’t have a clear picture (completely) of what to expect but whatever expectations that you had were blown out of the water! You may remember my Sleep Well post a month or two back so it may surprise you me taking this next WS sponsor post in a little bit different direction. There was a team of people at the WELL Summit from Ethica. Their goal is to take some of the guess work out of ethical shopping and bring both mindful consumers and thoughtful brands together. They do a great job of curating pieces that are both stylish and take sustainability into consideration while highlighting the very real impacts of our collective consumption choices. I asked Melissa Cantor, founder of Ethica, to sort of just tell us how to start. It can be daunting to want to make your life more sustainable in every area so she’s here to take us by the hand, tell us it will be OK and to just get started.

Shop Ethica

The first piece of advice that I give to people who are new to ethical and sustainable fashion is to start asking questions – where something was made, and what it’s made of. Country of origin and material composition are short-hands and not guarantees by any means, but generally speaking, labor standards are better in the developed world, and natural or recycled materials have a lesser environmental impact than synthetics. (Polyester is basically petroleum!) Beyond that, it’s not always easy to know whether a brand is green-washing or selectively highlighting some facts for marketing purposes, but in my experience, the more thought that a company puts into its decisions, the more it’s willing to engage in a conversation about them. If you have a question about a product, write the company who makes it! Their answer may or may not be what you hoped to hear, but it will definitely tell you a lot.

Another piece of advice I frequently offer is not to let perfect be the enemy of the good, in two senses: One, shopping ethically is a process that gets easier with time. I wouldn’t make a vow to transform my shopping habits overnight anymore than I would promise to work out 6 times a week without building up to it. Sustainable fashion is a new, evolving field that is completely reshaping existing business models. Things are changing, quickly, and there’s new information and more to learn more every day, so it can all feel overwhelming. Do your best, within your budget. If you have devoted careful thought to a purchase, I’d call that a successful exercise in mindful shopping.

Two, there’s no such thing as the perfect product. If you’re looking for something that’s 100% animal-free, you will likely make a different decision than someone who is looking for the most natural material available. If you want to support local brands, you’ll end up with something different than someone who wants her purchase to support artisans abroad. The important thing is for you to know the backstory behind an item or brand, be confident that you’ll get good use out of it, and feel that the values behind it align with yours.

See? It’s all about putting thought into your purchases. This goes for everything into your life. Be educated and make yourself aware. Knowledge is (purchasing) power and know that you can’t make these changes overnight. It’s a process and one that you can start today.

Ethica Products

Sleep W.E.L.L, Live Well

(This blog originally appeared on Prim and Propah, by Amanda Light and was republished with her permission.)

I’ve been wanting to get this post live for quite some time now but as you know, life gets in the way sometimes. What with the holidays and what seems like illness on top of sick, we are rolling right into 2016 this week, which made me start thinking about what my “resolutions” for the New Year are. I kind of don’t like making resolutions because I should want to be better all year long, not just at the New Year but let’s be honest, resolutions are a good way to get yourself motivated and make a little “improvements list” for yourself. One thing that I am so glad that I did for myself in 2015 was attending the W.E.L.L. Summit in November. I learned a lot about things I was already aware of (ethical clothing + green beauty) but there were things I wasn’t expecting to take away from the weekend that are now on my “improvements list“. One of these things was to really take a hold of what my family is sleeping on. It won’t be an immediate change but educating myself and others is the first step in sleeping well to live well. Two brands on site at the W.E.L.L. Summit were Coyuchi and Naturepedic, both of which want you to be aware of what traditional mattresses and bedding can contain. Let’s not be scared, let’s just take control. I had the opportunity to chat with the folks at Coyuchi and Naturepedic about the importance of Sleeping Well so that you could learn a lil’ about it too!

Sleeping well is so important to living a healthy lifestyle, but it’s not just about the amount of sleep you get but about where you are sleeping and what on. What is the most important thing you think my readers should know about what they are sleeping on?

Eileen Mockus, CEO of Coyuchi says, “It’s important to create an organic bed made with certified organic materials that are safely produced.  Then look for the right fabrics that are best for how you sleep.  Sateen sheets and a warmer blanket are best for those who sleep cold. Percale and a lightweight blanket work best for warm sleepers.”

Heidi Baumgart of Naturepedic adds that “Good sleep is necessary for good health! We’ve all heard that cell phones, bright lights, noise, and other factors can impact the quality of sleep, but most people don’t consider the mattress. Conventional mattresses contain chemicals that are foreign to our bodies and may also be impacting the health and quality of sleep. Your sleep environment should be a safe and comfortable place to escape the chemical bombardment of modern day life. There’s enough pollution in our environment, we can at least try to eliminate it from our bedrooms.”

What is important to look out for when searching for bedding/home textiles that is healthy for our families?

“Naturepedic mattresses are made with certified organic cotton fabric and filling, organic wool and some models have certified organic latex.” says Heidi. “NONE of our products contain flame retardant chemicals or a slew of other chemicals that may show up in mattresses made with more flammable materials such as polyurethane foam. Here’s our list of chemicals we just won’t use!”

Eileen gives some great (and easy) advice on what to look for in your bedding. “Look for certified organic cotton, processed to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) so there is assurance the product is safely produced.  It’s best to avoid wrinkle free or easy care type finishes that are likely to contain formaldehyde.  Avoid softeners as they reduce absorbency which is a key element to comfort while sleeping.”

When asked what their favorite products were, the Sleep WELL duo were happy to make recommendation for my Prim and Propah readers. “My favorite Coyuchi product is our 300 Percale Sheets which are crisp and smooth, and cool to the touch.” Eileen says. “I like to pair the 300 Percale with a fashion duvet, such as our Geo Stripe Duvet, with a lightweight down insert. Top the bed with a throw blanket such as our Cozy Cotton throw and there’s an extra layer for colder nights. Layering the bed looks great and is a practical way to sleep soundly as the temperatures change each season.”

Heidi has us covered whether the Naturepedic mattress is for Mama or Baby. “My favorite adult mattress is the EOS Organic Sleep System. The EOS has customizable comfort layers for different levels of firmness, so you and your sleeping partners can choose totally different feels! The EOS is shipped Ground in five boxes and you can actually swap your comfort layers within 90 days if it just wasn’t exactly the right feel. And a Naturepedic MUST is our waterproof protector pads made with organic cotton fabrics. We have three different ones for baby, kids, and adults. A waterproof pad is an investment to protect your mattress from spills and more, especially if you have kids or pets in bed.”

One thing is for certain, these brands are paving the way for us to sleep better by making a conscious decision about what we are sleeping on. You can make a quick start by changing up your sheets and set a long term goal for your next mattress to be all organic, you just have to set your mind to making your environment, especially at home, a better one. When I asked Eileen and Heidi what they had in store for the future both made mention that the brands are looking to expand, either in presence or product lines.

“In January 2016, we’ll bring some new printed sheets that mix and match with our solid and embroidered sheets. We have some new linen bedding, sheet sets, duvets and blankets” says Eileen. “We love linen for bedding because of its ability to naturally regulate temperature and due to it’s great durability for long term use.”

“We are very excited about the expansion of Naturepedic Organic Mattress Galleries around the country. Over the past two years we have grown to serve Beverly Hills, Toronto, Dallas, Boston, Detroit, and most recently Silicon Valley.” Heidi excitedly tells me. “It has been amazing to open our doors to these communities to provide our expertise about healthier sleep. Naturepedic’s goal is to educate and provide a safer sleep environment for everyone!”

You can find Naturepedic on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Looking to connect with Coyuchi? You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, too!

Meet Our Wellness Sponsor: Beauty Heroes

JJ-013Jeannie Jarnot is one of our green beauty heroes. As the founder of the incredibly successful non-toxic beauty subscription box company Beauty Heroes, she’s committed to educating customers on clean ingredients and showcasing some of the best in full-size healthy beauty products to as many women as possible. Jeannie’s passion for helping to lead the charge toward non-toxic ingredients is evident in everything she does. We caught up with her to talk beauty, business and the art of living well.

The W.E.L.L. Summit: We’re thrilled to have Beauty Heroes on board with The W.E.L.L. Summit! How did you become interested in green beauty?

Jeannie Jarnot:
I began my career as a spa director in 1997 and had an “ah-ha” moment when, 12 or 13 years ago, I realized that the products we were using in spas contained parabens and other toxic ingredients. We were supposed to be promoting health and wellness, and I didn’t want to be massaging my clients with those ingredients. I began researching, but found it difficult to navigate what was toxic and what wasn’t. That helped fuel my passion for green beauty. It also helps that so many of the founders of clean beauty brands are really incredible people who have invested their own life stories into their products. I’m committed to helping them tell their stories. Most mainstream beauty brands don’t have the personal touch that green beauty brands have; that energy is palpable when you meet the makers and hear their stories.

Congratulations on Beauty Heroes’ success! It’s so encouraging to see a company that’s focused on getting the message of clean beauty out to as many people as possible. What do you think the appeal of green beauty has resonated so strongly with consumers across the US?
I think there’s a long way to go—it’s still a bit of niche, but it’s on the verge of explosion. Once women discover it, it’s hard to go back. We’re trying to make it more accessible to mainstream markets: Just like when you start to eat a diet of fresh, clean foods, you can’t really go back to eating fast food or tons of junk. I think people recognize the artistry of green beauty and the passion behind it.

How do you choose which products to feature in Beauty Heroes boxes? Are there key ingredients, company values that you try to align with?
There’s always a story behind each brand we feature. Some brands contact us, or we meet them at events. I often meet founders through other founders; for instance, I met Josh Rosebrook through Laurel of Laurel Whole Plant Organics. Regardless of how we meet, I always have several conversations with each founder: What’s the hero product, what are their ingredients? We want to convey the best product of the brand to our customers and open the brand up to them.
We rotate between hair, skin, body & sun that fits well for the season, and we often feature a hero product and a smaller “sidekick” to give people insight into the brand. We only work with full size products, which sets us apart.

It feels like those of us who are passionate about clean ingredients are multiplying daily. What do you hope to see change by way of legislation in the next 5 years?

I’m part of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics business network, so I’m very aware of what’s happening by way of legislation. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot in sight. We’re awaiting the Personal Care Safety Act, but it might not make the floor in 2016. The ultimate goal is to have ingredients tested before they hit the market. Beauty Heroes has a clearly defined ingredient directive that surpasses even the E.U. standard. But my hope is that women who begin learning more will seriously take their health into their own hands and care enough to eliminate toxic ingredients—not just from skincare, but from dish soap, hand soap and other over the counter products. With no sign of significant legislation in sight, we all need to be our own heroes.

How do you live well?

I live well through meditation and exercise. I take business calls while on a walk sometimes to try to fit in some movement. I also try to be mindful in each step of my business—though it’s always a challenge, it’s a large part of my day. When you’re working at a health-focused company, I think you need to you’re your talk and be health-conscious and as our brand name suggests, I want to do it heroically! I try to eat a balanced diet with regular meals and get a good night’s sleep—again, it’s a challenge, but I try! Lastly, as a business owner, I only work with people I care about, who also live well. That’s a luxury for me, and I know how lucky I am to choose those with whom I surround myself. It’s a huge part of how I live well!

W.E.L.L. Summit Holiday Gift Guide

Hello, Wellness Tribe!

We’re still riding high after our inaugural W.E.L.L. Summit…we can’t believe it was just 3 weeks ago! Whether we had the pleasure of meeting you this year or you’re looking forward to attending next year, we’re bringing some of the best of The W.E.L.L. Summit to you just in time for the holidays!
We’re sharing our L.I.V.E. W.E.L.L. Holiday Gift Guide at the perfect time to vote with your dollars: To shop small, to shop handcrafted and to shop from The W.E.L.L. Summit Tribe. Treat yourself and your family and friends to products from companies we trust!


Opened in 2012, SHOPETHICA.COM is a pioneering online boutique where visitors can learn about ethical fashion, discover emerging designers, and shop a high-style selection of ethical and sustainable brands. InStyle magazine has called it the top site for “ethical and eco-friendly shopping.”
SHOPETHICA.COM is offering 20% off all purchases exclusively for L.I.V.E. W.E.L.L. attendees with the code WELLSUMMIT, valid through Jan. 31, 2016.

Organic Bath Co.

With a luxurious line of organic beauty products handcrafted in small batches in Boston, Organic Bath Co. gives back with every purchase to charities 1% For the Planet and the Global Soap Project. From beautifying body products to a full facial care regimen, Organic Bath Co. believes that taking time for self-care is the secret to healthy, happy skin. True Beauty Begins With Giving Back…to others, and to you!*Use discount code WELLSUMMIT for 25% off all purchases on Offer expires on Friday, December 18th, 2015.

OBC Stress Less stocking stuffer with tinsel

True Moringa

Move over Moroccan oil – there’s a new hair and skin care serum in town! Voted Best New Product at NY NOW, True Moringa has luxurious fair trade, organic and eco-friendly hair treatments, facial and body care serums, and gift boxesfor all the natural beauties on your list. True Moringa works directly with over 1,000 smallholder farmers in Ghana to cultivate their anti-aging, moisturizing moringa oil and designed and built the technology to cold-press their ingredients at the source, ensuring the highest quality and the greatest social impact.
*Use code WELLSUMMIT for 25% off all purchases on through December 18th.

An Interview with Rachel Chemerynski of Sweetgreen

SweetgreenSweetgreen is something of a food sensation these days; for anyone who has had the pleasure of eating at one of their stores, you know that local, slow-grown food tastes incredible when served up fast as part of their seasonal menu. With a commitment to sustainability and food that fuels our bodies and souls, it’s no wonder we’ve got a bit of a crush on this ever-expanding brand.

We connected with Rachel Chemerynski of Sweetgreen (and The W.E.L.L. Summit’s L.I.V.E. W.E.L.L. marketplace exhibitor) to talk about the growing brand’s ethos, living healthy and how the Sweetgreen’s heart has captured the attention (and loyalty) of our tummies.

The W.E.L.L. Summit: Congratulations on such rapid growth and huge success! As consumers, we love what Sweetgreen delivers: fresh, healthy food with a focus on locally sourced produce. What do you think the appeal Sweetgreen is to your consumer base at large? Is it the same reasons we love Sweetgreen?

Rachel Chemerynski: We’re taking the salad concept further than it’s gone before: We’re educating our customers where their food is coming from and in that, we’re different from the typical salad shop. We’ve created a lifestyle brand: Sweetgreen is committed to giving our customers an experience. Our food is always fresh. We shift the menu 5 times a year to ensure we’re using what is in season; our head chef creates recipes around what’s local to the region. We’re excited that our beverages and salad dressings have been recreated with less sugar. We think it’s the holistic experience that has made us so appealing.

WS: One of Sweetgreens’ core values is sustainability. What are some of the sustainability practices employed company wide?

RC: We take into account everything from the food to the atmosphere. Sweetgreen is committed to thinking into the future, so we make sure all of our decisions are long-lasting and long-standing. Everything from the design of a store to the food itself is sourced locally. We consider all levels of sustainability; we use sustainable wood for the tables. We’re firm believers in supporting the local community where we open, so we try to use existing buildings, and sometimes we’re lucky enough to use reclaimed wood from old bowling alleys, too!

WS: How do you vet your farms to ensure they meet your high standards, and that you’ll enjoy a lasting relationship?

RC: Our food and beverage team meets creates relationships with farmers first— before the store even opens in any given community. We once had a company outing where we went out crabbing to fully appreciate the hard work that goes into fishing and farming! We have a “Meet the Farmer” feature on our site that really showcases all the hard work and dedication that goes into the food we use.

WS: Food is so important. It plays a huge part in our social fabric, and of course we can’t live without it, yet it’s also the source of controversy with the concern over GMOs. What is the future for Sweetgreen as the landscape of farming changes?

RC: Working with trusted farmers helps ensure that our food is healthy and wholesome. We source locally whenever possible, we use organic as much as possible. Our farmers are carefully vetted, and that has made all the difference.

WS: Living a balanced, healthy lifestyle seems to be at the forefront of so many people’s minds these days. What’s the one thing in wellness you’re seeing that you’re most excited about?

RC: I think we’re most excited about people starting to really care again. Consumers want to know where their food, makeup, skincare come from. How does it all effect our overall wellness? I’m excited to see 20 and 30 somethings educate themselves and people of all ages becoming curious.

WS: What made you want to be a part of The W.E.L.L. Summit?

RC: The W.E.L.L. Summit brought together like-minded brands with similar goals, and Sweetgreen wants to be at the heart of such conversations! Being able to support each other in this journey and making a difference… Boston is a very special market, and the growth here has been incredible. To be able to converse with members of the community that support us and share our vision—it was a natural fit.

WS: How do you live W.E.L.L.?

RC: I’m a health coach and a writer ( , so I’m very passionate about caring for my mind, body and soul. I surround myself with positive people, I run, I do yoga. But most of all, I try to make decisions that will foster wellness in my life, every day.

Learn More About Sweetgreen by visiting their website:

Exhibitor Interview: Jessica Sutton Maniatis, Founder, JSGD

JSGD is a Sponsor & Exhibitor at L.I.V.E. W.E.L.L. Party

If it’s possible to live inside a website, then we’d be happy to set up shop inside JSGD. Stunning photographs, clean, modern design and copy that breathes with warmth and wit: it’s not a stretch to say we often find ourselves clicking through for a dose of inspiration!

After spending the beginning of her career working in-house designing packaging, website and retail displays for a growing beauty brand, founder Jessica Maniatis quickly learned the value of having a strong brand presence.Thriving on the intimate interaction between smaller creative departments, she began freelancing to fulfill her artistic calling. She enjoyed the personal relationship with her clients so much, she went on to found JSGD.

Focusing on independently-owned small businesses, JSGD has brought to life many brands through the development of everything from their logo to online presence. The firm, a woman-owned and operated business, prides itself on a collaborative approach with each of its clients.

Choosing to work with clients who are passionate trailblazers makes working at JSGD everyday a joy…and if their website is any indication, it shows!

The W.E.L.L. Summit can’t wait to welcome Jessica, Martha and Meaghan to our L.I.V.E. W.E.L.L. Extravaganza, where they’ll be providing complimentary fifteen minute branding consultations for attendees. Sign up early and bring them a question or concern for them to offer insight and tips for your brand!

JSGD delivers gorgeous design, brand development and strategy for web, print, and mobile. In a single sentence, can you sum up one of the most important pieces of advice to help a brand with their messaging?

Consistency is key.

We love that JSGD is independently owned and operated by all women! Do you have any advice for a woman entrepreneur who is thinking about making the leap to found her own company?

I think the biggest piece of advice I could give would be to trust your gut. Find ways and time to quiet your brain and listen to what your intuition is telling you, it never fails.

Running your own business can feel lonely most of the time. Build a support circle of fellow women you admire that are following their dreams as well – it’s truly invaluable to have a sounding board or someone to share your frustrations with.

And lastly, learn when to say no and stand your ground. Very rarely will you regret it and you’ll build a newfound respect from others and yourself.

What’s the most useful piece of advice you received from a female friend/peer/mentor when you struck out on your own?

I was advised early on to never stop planning for or booking what’s next – especially when your business is at its busiest.

We’re thrilled to have you sponsor The W.E.L.L. Summit! As a Boston-based brand, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate the L.I.V.E. W.E.L.L. Extravaganza than with a JSGD booth. Tell us what attendees can expect when they stop by to meet you that night.

We can’t wait, it’s gonna be such a wonderful weekend! We’re planning to do two hours of fifteen minute “mini consultations” at our booth from 8-10pm, which attendees can sign up for earlier. Plan to bring a frustration or pain point of your brand and we’ll chat with you about some possible solutions. It’s always so helpful to hear a fresh perspective and we’re excited to lend a hand.

JSGD has worked with some of the trailblazers in the wellness & green beauty industry (The W.E.L.L. Summit’s own Thirst Juice Co. & Follain, to name two!). As the Founder and Creative Director of a successful small business, we’re sure you wear a million hats. How do you incorporate wellness into your daily life?

Finding a healthy work/life balance as a business owner is no easy task. I try to carve out time early each morning for a long walk with my dog. I leave my phone at home and try to take in the smells and details of early morning life in my neighborhood. I’ve found it very meditative. I also try really hard to get to my favorite yoga studio each week. My husband and I receive a seasonal local farm share which is always introducing us to new veggies and forcing us to try new healthy recipes – eating well together is our favorite pastime.

We know Boston to be a very healthy city. For those who many be visiting Boston for The W.E.L.L. Summit, can you recommend three of your favorite healthy places to eat, drink and sneak in an early morning run?

Eat: Ester in Dorchester is a hidden gem. They have a rooftop garden where they grow their own produce – and what they can’t grow, they source locally. The owner lives right around the corner, and she always comes by your table to make sure you’re enjoying your meal. I love little personal touches like that.

Drink: Thirst Juice Co!

Early morning run: Head to the “other” side of the Charles! North Point is right over the bridge from Beacon Hill and so scenic + quiet 🙂