Inside the W.E.L.L. Summit: Meet Speaker Zach Adelman, CEO of Navitas Organics

Meet Zach Adelmanserial entrepreneur and current Founder/CEO of Navitas Organics, the pioneering and leading brand of organic superfoods and snacks. We’re so honored to have the wellness expert on our mainstage in November. He’s got so much expertise to share with us, so read on for more info about him, and Navitas Organics (you can follow the brand on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter too). 

What would WS attendees be surprised to learn about you? That I am a lifelong Deadhead who spent a good chunk of my twenties chasing the band around the United States. While doing so I honed my entrepreneurial skills on stadium and arena parking lots including a very long stretch in 1992 where we had a smoothie truck. A little foreshadowing for what I do now, I guess.

What first attracted you to W.E.L.L. Summit? I was attracted to W.E.L.L. Summit’s unique perspective on providing individuals with a well-rounded view of health and wellness. I am excited to share my story with so many consumers and individuals interested in learning more about this growing industry.

What are you teaching at this year’s Summit? I’ll be on the mainstage food panel with two other speakers, sharing my thoughts on the importance of self-care and everyday positivity, starting with the food you eat. I’ll also sharing helpful insights on the power of superfoods.

What does wellness mean to you? There are many aspects to wellness that I practice currently—obviously healthy eating and exercise are at the top the list for me but it doesn’t stop there. I also believe that self-care is a big part of personal wellness including practicing yoga, meditation, mindfulness and gratitude. My wellness program has allowed me to connect with myself and my family in a much more positive way.

What are you hoping to empower attendees with? I am hoping to show attendees how easy it is to incorporate healthy, plant-based superfoods into their daily diets. If everyone can incorporate a little more plant-based eating into their lives it will improve the quality of their lives and the health of the planet. 

What other W.E.L.L. Summit Speaker are you excited to hear from? I am excited to see Nitika Chopra speak. Learning more about self-care or self-love is high my list.

What exciting things are you working on this year? I am very excited about the new products we are currently working on. 2018 should be a big year in product launches for Navitas Organics. Additionally, I am looking forward to promoting our Live Life Positive campaign. This campaign will showcase our commitment of promoting health organic superfoods that have a positive impact on people’s health and the planet.   

Anyone who is at the top of their game has had to persevere and cheerleader themselves. What is one thing others told you was impossible but you proved was possible? As an entrepreneur, I don’t like to be told I cannot succeed at something. When I started Navitas, more than one person was skeptical about my ability to succeed in the natural and organic food industry, which I had no experience with. I took that as a challenge and focused all my energy on building a great company.

What book(s) are you reading now? A prospective team member recommended a self-care book entitled “One Year Wiser—365 Illustrated Daily Meditations.” It is a book of daily quotes and words of wisdom from some of the world’s greatest thinkers. It is a great book to incorporate into your daily wellness practice.

What quote inspires you? My 13-year-old son chose this quote for his 8th grade graduation and it is one that has always spoken to me personally: “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” —Mahatma Gandhi

What’s your favorite ritual for health? My favorite ritual for health would have to be exercising in nature. I try to ride my mountain bike where I live in Marin County, Calif., or ski in Lake Tahoe as much as possible. I find that when I do these sports that I love so much it is like combining two important aspects of wellness at the same time—physical fitness and meditation. I tend to be in the moment surrounded by the natural beauty while being as active as I can be. I am able to think clearly and let everything go while pushing myself to the limit. I often find myself having creative thoughts that I bring back to my personal and professional life.

What is the single most powerful piece of advice you’d like to share? Don’t be afraid to fail and never give up. I truly believe that you cannot succeed without failure along the way and to do so you must persevere and never give up. I have had my fair share of failures along the way and it is in those moments I have learned the most about myself. I often look back on those low points and use them as a tool in my journey.

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