How to Make Your Vision Your Embodied Reality

How to Make Your Vision Your Embodied Reality

We can dream about our ideal job or relationship. But we will only be dreaming.

Our dream won’t be real until we actually embody the vision. We have to take action, step into the vision, do instead of think.

But what if you have doubts? What if your body is resisting that next step? Your dream or vision may be scary or overwhelming to actually step into.

If you are experiencing any of the above, it’s likely that you are still operating on old software. Your brain and body are wired based on your past, not for your ideal future. And its likely your new dream isn’t real because the two don’t line up.

Or, you might be able to accomplish your dream through struggle and compensation, but feel exhausted and drained as a result.

My interactive W.E.L.L. Summit workshop addresses all of the above.

You will learn how to set and sustain whole self goals, keeping your mind, body and spirit in alignment as you envision your ideal reality.

You will learn the step by step process to rewire your brain and body for your future vision so that it occurs with ease, no fight, no compensation, just presence.

We have to create a new neural pathway that identifies a deliciously relaxed and confident you as part of your vision.

In order to accomplish this, you will learn incredible healing techniques, my personal blend of educational kinesiology, essential oils and the expressive arts. All of the above are near and dear to my heart as they have helped me heal and embody almost impossible realities again and again, starting as a mere infant.

Life has given me multiple opportunities to release a pattern from the past and embody a new reality. From my mom discovering my father’s affair 2 days before I was born, my parents’ divorce at 9 days old, bacterial spinal meningitis and going into septic shock at 5 ½ months old, watching my friend get hit by a car and die when I was 9 years old, and other traumas throughout the years, I have not only healed, but thrived far beyond expectation.

Early childhood trauma is closely related to our ability to take on more in our lives. These traumas create and alter our brain and body foundation and, as a result, our potential for success.

Thankfully I have had the tools to continually heal and step forward with grace.

Fast forward in my life to feeling at peace with my family, recovering from my feelings of abandonment, graduating at the top of my class, returning to my body and feeling empowered to help my friend pass to the other side, loving my job, and having multiple opportunities arrive with ease.

Not only have I experienced these blessings in my own life, but I have had the privilege and honor supporting and educating all ages as they experience similar, if not even more profound blessings in their lives.

It’s time to heal and step forward with relaxed confidence.

Join me at W.E.L.L. Summit 2016 to help your impossible vision become your embodied reality. See you there!

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